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  • Report: Trump Caught Expressing Doubt Over Roy Moore Accusers In Private Meeting

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    President Donald Trump has finally said something about the Roy Moore sexual allegations – kind of.

    In a private conversation, President Trump has expressed skepticism about the sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Moore; seemingly still supporting the candidate. Trump also mentioned that is it vital that a liberal or Democrat does not secure a seat in the Senate. More Republicans surrounding Trump will expedite his agenda.

    In a private conversation with White House officials and fellow Republicans, President Trump wondered why the stories didn’t come out earlier and why they surfaced only a few weeks before the December special election. President Trump even dared to draw parallels between his own history of sexual misconduct and those stemming from Moore. Several women have come forth during the 2016 election and have accused President Trump of sexual harassment.

    How Many Have Alleged Abuse From Moore?

    There have been about nine accusers who alleged that the former state judge sought intimate encounters when they were in their teens while Moore was in his 30s. Some have accused him of merely being creepy, but several had accused him of providing them with alcohol when they were below the drinking age, with some situations escalating to sexual assault.

    Moore has denied allegations that he sexually assaulted minors. President Trump pointed out that Moore rejected these claims, saying that “he totally denies it.”

    In the president’s eyes, Moore denied the allegations and that should be the end of the conversation.