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  • Bush Spokesman Responds To Trump’s Tweet About Syria, Completely Destroys Him

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    Saturday morning, Donald Trump said something so historically boneheaded that it was hard to believe, even for a jackass like him. After having ordered a late-night strike on Syria on Friday, Trump was in self-congratulatory mode, and lit up his own Twitter feed with what he surely felt was a successful distraction from the horrible, horrible week he and his lawyer have had in the news:

    Those last two words proved to be too much for some folks to bear.

    But perhaps no one’s words were more poignant than those of Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary for the president who uttered the phrase to such disastrous reception 15 years ago:

    Fleischer went on to explain in great and boring detail that when Bush stood in front of the banner on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, it was all the military’s idea, and so it wasn’t really Bush’s fault, and blah blah blah… He didn’t really say much about the codpiece that Bush wore to give the speech, but nobody wants to think about that anyway.

    It’s a pretty safe bet to say that Donald Trump doesn’t even know what the “mission” is these days.

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