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  • Trump’s Syria Strike Just Got Him In BIG Trouble, Now He Totally Regrets It (VIDEO)

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    Desperate for approval and in need for a way to distract everyone from his horrific Russia investigation and other scandals, Donald Trump announced last night that he was ordering strikes on Syria. This morning, Trump was up and ready to brag about his “perfectly executed” strike on Twitter. Trump wrote:

    “A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!

    So proud of our great Military which will soon be, after the spending of billions of fully approved dollars, the finest that our Country has ever had. There won’t be anything, or anyone, even close!”

    While Trump may be celebrating on social media, the reality of what Trump has done with the Syria strike is going to wreak havoc on his presidency. After Trump announced his decision to launch military strikes on Syria, many of his right-wing supporters in the media turned on him and abandoned him for good. And for Trump, who doesn’t have many friends in the media to begin with, this will be a devastating blow to his presidency.

    Fox News, for example, showed hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham being oddly hard on Trump over the strikes. Ingraham said, “I guess it feels good because there are horrible things happening there. But what do we really accomplish here tonight in Syria? This is not why Donald Trump got elected.” Carlson also nailed the president, referencing the fact that Trump had criticized the Iraq war during his presidential campaign:

    “This is clearly not something he ran on, and and it’s inconsistent with a lot of things that he’s said over the years.”

    Far-right media personalities, who were originally pro-Trump, were even more brutal. Infowars’ equally unhinged Alex Jones bashed Trump, spread conspiracy theories about the strikes, and eventually cried over the entire thing:

    “If he had been a piece of crap from the beginning, it wouldn’t be so bad. We’ve made so many sacrifices and now he’s crapping all over us. It makes me sick.”

    Media personality Ann Coulter, who has been far more critical of Trump in the last several weeks, said:

    “Attacking a foreign nation that has not attacked or threatened America is globalist interventionism. This is not ‘America First’. This is not what Trump was elected for.”

    All Trump has done is create more enemies and critics for himself, as he seems to do with every move he makes. With Trump’s fanbase getting smaller and smaller by the day, Trump is going to regret this move big time.

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    Patti Colli

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