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  • Kellyanne Conway Just Accidentally Admitted Trump Shouldn’t Have Won Election, He’s Going To Lose It

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    The Trump administration has been keeping themselves busy trying to damage former FBI Director James Comey’s reputation. Comey was fired on May 9, 2017, by President Donald Trump, citing his “mishandling” of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

    Kellyanway Conway Messes Up

    This morning Conway made an accusation that might have validated Comey’s and Robert Mueller’s current investigation on Russia possibly colluding with the Trump administration. During a segment on Good Morning America, Conway said that Comey “swung an election,” admitting that Trump should not have won the election.

    It’s important to remember that the reason the administration fired Comey was that he mistreated Clinton. But Trump blew up that lie by admitting to Lester Holt that he did so to undermine the Russia investigation. This new revelation also comes at odds with earlier statements made by Conway and the Trump administration.

    During the Good Morning America segment, Kellyanne had this to say:

    “He thought the wrong person would win, people in his household wanted the other person to win, and at the end of your interview, George, he gave a free political commercial telling people to go out there and vote against the president.”

    Her remarks referred to a letter Comey sent to Congress several days before the 2016 general election, in which he said that more emails had turned up, further damning Clinton. The Trump administration credited his win on many factors ā€” but conveniently omitted Comey’s letter from that equation.

    Even Clinton noted that Comey’s announcement about this proposed finding of new emails just days before the election most likely killed her chances of securing a seat in the Oval Office.

    Conway Backpedals

    Moments after the interview, Conway told the Daily Beast that she was just joking about her remarksĀ regarding Comey swinging the election.Ā Glaring kleptocracy is apparently hilarious.

    Comey is now involved in a media blitz with the president, calling on the nation to recognize that Trump’s actions add up to an individual who does not have the morality, experience, or fortitude to be the president.

    It’s hard not to believe that deep down, Kellyanne and others inside the administration know that’s true.

    Watch the exchange on GMA here:

    Featured image via screen capture